The Ramen Was Not used to being a host in our own country

2 Nov 2014

If you want to say ramen noodles or resep cireng typical of Japan’s popularity in Indonesia, legitimate only. Because, it is not difficult to find restaurants that offer this dish in various shopping centres.
Lived had lived, was not as popular as ramen now, even in his native country alone. Ramen had a chance through a time of kegelapannya in the era of the 1980s because it does not host on his own.
At that time was considered lower class food is ramen resep bakwan jagung so less so is considered. The average consumer demand was a labourer, “said Amanda Sihombing, Marketing Manager of Ippudo ramen restaurants, latest in Pacific Place, Jakarta.
Kawahara who seek Ito Honda President is picked up the ramen to be a classy meal. He opened his first ramen restaurant in Fukuoka, 1985. He named the restaurant Ippudo, which literally means “one wind hall”. The meaning of dimaknakan as a new hope for ramen so popular back in the middle of Japan society.
Three times won three Championships in a row in the ramen a ramen competition TV show program, he got the nickname “The King of Ramen in 2005. His name is also displayed in the Hall of Fame because Ramen managed to revolutionize the ramen.
The restaurant has a capacity of 10 seats to 80 branches in Japan. Got a positive response from Ippudo’s ramen connoisseur, then menglobal to open 40 restaurants spread across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Early last October, opened his first restaurant Ippudo in Indonesia, on the 5th floor of Pacific Place. Indonesia became the fourth country in Southeast Asia who visited Ippudo. The restaurant Ippudo Indonesia has an area of 220 square meters and a capacity of 66 seating.
Against the background of the founder that is full of historical value, the presence of this restaurant in Jakarta of course offers its own appeal. As to what the heck the savory taste of ramen, the Ramen revolutionary?” So the question that comes to mind.




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