Urap Vegetables Recipe Spicy delicious traditional Javanese

7 Oct 2014

Urap is a traditional Javanese dish which has now been menasional. Consists of several types of vegetables are boiled, then given a sprinkling of coconut, spiced, healthy and delicious once it is consumed with a variety of side dishes.
How to make easy, urap and practically all. You do not need to be a long time inprocessing this dish for serving it at his family home. Well, here’s the recipe, vegetablespicy Javanese resep roti goreng traditional consumption, which are suitable with your family.
Of vegetable materials:
7 sticks of long beans, wash clean, cut small
100 gr of sprouts, siangi and wash it clean
1 bunch water spinach, siangi and wash it clean
3 pieces of cabbage, cut small and clean wash
You can add other vegetables to taste
Subtle seasoning:
10 red chili and cayenne pepper curls
4 garlic, peeled
2 cm kencur, wash clean
5 lime leaves, wash clean
Salt to taste
block of brown sugar, comb
grain old coconut, grated
How to make:
Boil each vegetable until tender and cooked, set aside. Don’t forget to give 1 spoon of salt in the water to the green color of vegetable stew is still awake.
Frying spices mix together grated coconut, and then steamed resep pepes tahu for long lasting 20 minutes and no easy casserole.
Mix all the vegetables and herbs, in a container of clean, then serve warm with riceand fried chicken, grilled chicken, or other side dish. Good luck.




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