To Make Healthy Foods More Nutritious

7 Oct 2014

Healthy food ingredients naturally contain nutrients resep tumis kangkung that are good for the body.However, many creative ways to increase the value of its nutrition value.
1. eat a kiwi skin
Yes, kiwi actually edible skin. The nutrients contained in the smooth skin is also a lot more. According to who has tried, taste the skin was not seaneh imaginable. Whenpeeling a kiwi, you will lose 14 percent of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in thefruit. The kiwi even skin rich in fiber. Clean wash Kiwis, then cut like You eat apples, i.e.with the Peel.
2. mushroom Drying
Just like our skin, the fungus can produce vitamin resep empek empek D from sunlight. So, it’s good fordrying mushrooms in advance that will be consumed. No need to linger. According to the study, five minutes of drying out is increasing the amount of vitamin D inmushrooms significantly. A study found that white button mushrooms are harvestedand dried in the Sun for five minutes will contain 869 percent the levels of vitamin Ddaily!
3. Check the ripeness of pears
A lot of people checking the level of maturity of the pear-shaped with a ratherpressing the bottom. In fact, the process of ripening PEAR is from the inside out so that the body of the soft fruit could be so pirnya it was too ripe.
Instead, please check the ripeness of pears at the base or around the stem. If it was a bit soft, meaning it is ripe pears. According to the study, ripe pears contain morechlorophyll antoksidan of non-fluorescent catabolites (NCC).
4. drink green tea with lemon
Green tea mixed with a few drops of lemon juice will give you more antioxidants.According to research published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, lemon greentea blended that will enhance the ability of absorption of antioxidants.
5. cool the walnuts
Walnuts are the only nut that contains omega-3 alpha-linolenik acid (ALA) in highamounts. Walnuts are left in a warm temperature will make the quality of the oildecreases, resulting in a reduced health benefits and flavor of the walnuts. Storewalnuts in the refrigerator may slow down changes the oil and keep it keep it freshand tasty.




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